The Corporate Group Welcomes a New Member

HELUKABEL acquires EKD Systems and as a result adds energy drag chains to its portfolio

EKD Systems joins the HELUKABEL Group

EKD Systems mit Sitz in Erkrath bei Düsseldorf ist auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung von kundenspezifischen Energieführungsketten aus Stahl, Edelstahl und Kunststoff spezialisiert.

The HELUKABEL Group is pleased to welcome a new member: at the beginning of 2022, we acquired ekd gelenkrohr GmbH. The company, based in Erkrath near Düsseldorf, will operate as a subsidiary of HELUKABEL under the name EKD Systems, and is now part of our international network of 59 sites in 37 countries.

Founded in 1970 by Ernst Klein, EKD specialises in developing and manufacturing customised energy chains made of steel, stainless steel and plastic. The company focuses on application-specific system solutions based on customer requirements, in small to medium quantities. To this end, the company has several machining centres, its own die and mould-making department and a fully automated plastic injection moulding department. "We are very happy to have achieved a succession plan with HELUKABEL, which will secure our team's jobs for the long term," explain previous owners Ansgar and Holger Klein.

For us, the acquisition is an important step towards becoming a system and solution provider. As of now, HELUKABEL is the only company in the world that manufactures both cables and wires as well as energy drag chains. Our goal is to supply customers not only with individual components, but also with complete, pre-assembled and ready-to-use assemblies. This means that the end users have less work to do and can turn to one contact partner for all their questions related to connection technology.

Custom-made products have always been a speciality at HELUKABEL. EKD Systems is an ideal new member to grow our portfolio in this area. Want to find out more? Then visit to get to know our new subsidiary!

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