Showdown in Shanghai

Wakeboarder does a flip

Das Team von HELUKABEL® China rettet in letzter Minute die Wasserski-und-Wakeboard-Weltmeisterschaft in Shanghai. (© Adobe Stock / Coka)

They glide over the water, spin around off of half-pipes, and perform spectacular jumps – the best athletes demonstrate their skills at the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Stop. They are not pulled by motorboats but by motorised tow lines, and that’s why the 2018 event in Shanghai almost fell into the water: a typhoon had destroyed parts of the towing equipment shortly before the start. The organiser did not know where he could attain a replacement cable for the motor quickly enough. A well-coordinated team from HELUKABEL stepped in to save the day. Harris Fung, sales manager in China, explains: “Our sales representative, Lucas Sheng, went and had a look at the destroyed equipment. Together with our office manager, Apple Chen, we then worked out replacement solutions based on his status report and the specifications, as well as what we had in stock.” The coordinated efforts paid off: within a few days, all the necessary control, data transmission, and power supply cables were in place. Manager Shi Jie Jiang, responsible for operating the motorised tow line, gave a sincere thank you to the team: “Thanks to HELUKABEL’s fast service and extensive stock, we were able to start the World Cup on time after all. HELUKABEL will continue to be the first choice for us.”